SOUNDWAVES CHRISTMAS is an annual music-based variety fundraiser that encourages viewers to contribute to local non-profits and charities.  Originally a spin-off of the long-running bay area music program SOUNDWAVES, the holiday edition has taken on a life of its own, generating and redistributing nearly 40,000 food, clothing, and toy donations over the past 24 years.

The energy of the show is fast and entertaining, but the message is simple: spend less money on needless holiday gifts and give that money to someone who truly needs it.  Supporting that message year after year are Bay Area broadcast personalities (such as Bret Burkhart, Nikki Medoro, Peter Finch, Dan Ashley and Carolyn Johnson), exciting musical acts, community leaders, and the occasional movie star (Last year, Marlon Wayans opened the show).

Here’s how it works: viewers are directed to, where they can choose a geographical area and make a contribution.  No money is collected by the creators of the show or the administrators of the web site.  Every link to a charity connects directly to the volunteer or donation page of that charity’s website.

The show is acclaimed as well: the 2012 edition of SOUNDWAVES Christmas won four WAVE Awards – in the categories of ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC PROGRAMMING, PROGRAM/CHANNEL PROMO and COMMUNITY ISSUES – representing community media producers in the Alliance for Community Western Region’s six states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico.

For more information, or any queries about showing SOUNDWAVES CHRISTMAS on your network or in your area, please contact producer Dennis Willis at